Andrea Doven’s Great Experiences

Andrea DovenEvery person has its own multiple intelligences that will enable them to do many things for the betterment of their lives. Everyone needs to become a very versatile person. In the context of employment, once there is lack of a job opportunity that has a connection with a person’s some abilities, she can also be part to other corporations or companies that have an alignment to an individual’s other skills. As much as possible, a person should go beyond his or her comfort zone in order for them to have another talent that will make them more competitive.

These qualities are present to Andrea Doven. After spending her life in theater arts, she decided to experience another thing, which is accepting several job opportunities. One of this is helping or assisting Tom Cruise. It was her smartest decision as she quickly move to the top and ran Tom Cruise’s company for nearly 20 years. She worked here as an Executive Director.

During those years, she ran the daily operation. She is only the one who does all human related functions. She provided logistical support for the producer or artist involved in film production around the world. This involved several international travel, hiring and management of all personnel, location development, and she coordinated daily with the PR professionals and all business management.

Andrea DovenShe became a part of the Hollywood Education & Literacy Project as a Founding Board Member in 1999-2003. She closely worked with executives about strategic planning and oversaw a project on renovations.
Aside from that, she also became Human Resources VP in SCS, Inc. from December 2005 to January 2015 (9 years and 2 months). As the Vice President of Human Resources, she has reduced the employee turnover rate considerably during her tenure. She also created a strong stable technical team who became a part to the successful operations to the company.

Andrea served on SCS’s Executive Council. The SCS is a major Microsoft partner. This has engaged in implementing software systems for Sony Music, Viacom, Tillamook Cheese, numerous non-profits and environmental alternative energy, Warner Bros., Seventh Generation, Sunkist Citizen Watch, Zodiac Entertainment, Threshold Enterprises, agricultural and food companies.

As of now, she is a consultant of Doven INC. She started from February 2015 to present. This can be found at Los Angeles, California. With the abovementioned work experiences of Andrea Doven, these prove that she is really the kind of person who is very versatile. She is best known as someone who can make things as possible. She can make any organization or industry run where she is a part of it.